How many people do you usually meet a week I meet maybe five people a week, Yagan said. Are half a million people on our site [that you could potentially meet]. That could never happen offline. “We watch out for each other here.” Paul Fisher, a 49 year old Welshman who runs a bar and a motorbike rental shop, said the stories both depressed the tourist trade and, perversely, drew the sort of visitors for whom drunken anarchy is an attractive prospect. “We don’t like you lot coming in and ruining the place,” Fisher said, referring to reporters. He opened a drawer and produced a copy of the celebrity magazine Closer.

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Adams may be illegal Mexican farm workers, but there is something odd about the mountain. Because on the Yakima Reservation just north of the mountain, people have been reporting strange lights in the sky for at least a hundred years. And since 1972, electrical engineer Dave Akers has been conducting a more hard nosed investigation into the “nocturnal lights.” That was the year Fire Control supervisor Bill Vogel asked the scientifically minded Center for UFO Studies to look into the lights.

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